Passion, Education, Community
Working together makes the community better


Education, Experience, Community, Leadership


"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own." -Cesar Chavez


Persons in need of services (PINS)

The people of Davis are compassionate and caring. For many years now, many vulnerable citizens have been in immediate need of services (medical, social, treatment, shelter, food). When elected, I will be intentional and strongly make decisions to assist those Davis residents who sleep on the street because they don't have housing in Davis. 


Public safety is the number one priority for everyone, especially the safety of children. Everyone in Davis should feel safe when walking our streets, whether in the downtown area at night, or a family enjoying the city parks and greenbelts. No one should feel unsafe. Davis is a diverse community and all residents need to live without fear of bias, harassment or unfair treatment. When elected, I will propose to establish a stronger partnership between Davis residents, educators, law enforcement officers and city officials. We need to work together on genuine partnerships to promote a safe environment for all Davisites and visitors. When elected, I will place my energy in ensuring all residents feel safe in the whole Davis community, including schools and city limits.


Davis cares about the environment. We care about the quality of the city parks, greenbelts, trees, ponds, and the landscapes throughout the City. We care because we ride our bikes, we run, we jog, we play, and we enjoy clean air and believe in sustainable energy. We recycle and we maintain our community clean. 

For the future of Davis and smart planning, I will be a fierce advocate for sustainable growth and energy, efficient transportation methods and lead the county in environmental policy. 


Downtown Davis

The Davis downtown area should be a vibrant place for shopping, forming community events and activities for families with children, students and seniors, including visitors. Downtown should be a place; where we, as Davisites can have a public space for public art, cultural events, family-friendly entertainment, especially for youth. Presently, the area is dominated by empty buildings with struggling local businesses who are eager to obtain support from the City. When elected, I will concentrate my efforts to highlight the E Street Plaza. The E Street Plaza is the heart of Davis and it should be expanded to include lawn, trees, more benches and more space for kid-friendly events and activities for all residents. I propose we plan smart to make the E Street Plaza a bright star of the City for all residents. In addition, the old City Hall building and the Varsity Theatre can be used as anchors as we plan for smart development, and bringing in new businesses and supporting our existing small business owners. Many residents are eager to contribute to the local economy. I will lead this effort when I'm elected. 


Davis has a housing crisis. There is a sense of urgency for the future of housing in Davis. I love living in Davis and that's why I raise my family here. However, others like students need to live in affordable housing. Seniors need affordable housing. City employees, including teachers wanting to live and work in Davis, need housing. Families with young children, including parents wanting to live in Davis for the quality schools and community, need housing. How did we get there? When elected, I will propose a smart growth plan on housing that meets the specific housing needs of homebuyers like parents with young children, seniors and retired residents, and students. Exploring ideas with realtors, developers, UC Davis, and stakeholders must take place if we are to plan smart for the future generations of all Davis residents. For example, at the state level, I serve on multiple statewide boards and committees, and will apply my consensus building skills and experience for the benefit of Davis and its residents. When elected, smart growth must take place to maintain Davis, Davis. 


As an seasoned educator, current state education funding fiduciary officer, and former Spanish teacher and teacher trainer, I envision a stronger partnership between the Davis Joint Unified School District, the Davis School Board, and the Davis City Council. To better serve and govern the whole Davis community, I will put my energy on establishing job readiness programs for our students, planning public service engagement activities by highlighting student government initiatives, and planning for student internships within city programs and local businesses. I will engage the Davis Chamber of Commerce, surrounding Chamber of Commerce entities in Solano County, and UC Davis youth business programs, to explore educational opportunities for our youth and all students. Public service begins with our future, our students in public schools. 

Davis is an education city. Many young families with young children live here to raise a family and value the quality of the schools. All Davis public schools are high quality and we need to match the good schools with a quality community. When elected, I will ensure funds are spent for the benefit of all Davisites.  

Local Economy

In Davis, we need to support our local business owners and shop locally. The startup and small business community in Davis needs the City to step up and support local initiatives and business opportunities. By engaging our local entrepreneurs, we demonstrate economic growth from within and establish partnerships with family-owned businesses and small businesses overall. Likewise, many aging empty commercial buildings and new vacant retail space is quite evident throughout the City. Some commercial property has been vacant for a long period of time. When elected, I will propose to take a new direction on old vacant buildings or properties, and create new opportunities, or recapture those missed opportunities on mix-use, infill development and redevelopment opportunities.