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"Service to others with heart, that's how we do our part." Cesar Chavez


Luis works at the California Department of Education as an education state funding fiduciary, responsible for managing statewide programs and projects, totaling 6 million dollars. His areas of expertise and experience are in the following: contract administration, budget planning, approving budget adjustments and invoices, workforce development, budget change proposals, developing scopes of work, including Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Application (RFA), Non-Competitive Bid (NCB), Service Agreements, and ensuring state contractual processes are ethical and transparent. He ensures tax dollars are spent accordingly. On the program side of his work, early education and preschool is his main focus. He believes all children need preschool education and believes in investing in education at the state-level and in Davis. As an experienced professional, he believes in making Davis a model for early education for the rest of the County. By collaborating with school district officials, once elected, he will partner with research centers to make Davis a forum for early education. His knowledge and long range of experience will bring in external resources that will benefit the City of Davis. 

Born in Davis at the Davis Community hospital in 1970 and raised in Winters, he lived at the Yolo County Public Housing the first years of his life. As a child from a working-class labor household, he attended Head Start and Family Child Care while his father worked in agriculture in Winters and near Davis for Richard Rominger and other farms in the area. He learned from his family, the value of hard work, integrity, honesty, mutual respect, helping others, and principles that shape who he is today. In Winters High School, he worked at Winters City Hall where he had his first political job while meeting elected officials like Bob Chapman, Mayor of Winters. Another memorable summer job was a Lake Solano Park, where I worked for Mike Martin, who later was Mayor of Winters and Council Member.

During my adolescence, my father taught me about Cesar Chavez, democracy and social justice. Since then, I hold close my Dad's words and stories of struggle  and overcoming financial hardships. My father passed away in April 2017 and my mother lives in Winters.

During my first year at UC Davis (1989-1994), I hosted low income Central Valley high school students who were visiting the campus at our residence hall in Tercero. Another momentous occasion, was my commitment to local agriculture, where I earned my Commercial Driver's License to haul tomatoes from Yolo County to local canneries. I drove an eighteen-wheeler and transported 80,000 pounds of local tomatoes.

I earned my Ph.D. at Columbia University (2002) in Education with a focus on language teaching and teaching poetry in Spanish. My scholarly work has been recognized by the North American Academy of the Spanish Language based in New York City, a member of the Spanish Royal Academy with affiliates in all Spanish speaking countries.

Following my studies, I returned home to Yolo County to raise a family in Davis, my native home. My wife and I have a four year old daughter in preschool and a sixth grader at Cesar Chavez Elementary School.

Presently, I serve on the following:

  • City of Davis Personnel Board
  • Davis Boy Scouts, Troop 139 Parent Volunteer
  • Center for Child and Family Studies, Early Childhood Laboratory School, UC Davis, Parent Volunteer
  • St. James Catholic Church Volunteer
  • Cabin Leader, Sly Park, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, 2017
  • Child Development Training Consortium Advisory Committee
  • California Preschool Instructional Network Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Initiative Project Advisory Committee
  • California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry Advisory Board
  • Local Funding Advisory Committee
  • Puente Mentor, Cosumnes River College

As a Davis-born early education expert, I will put forth all my energy into serving the whole Davis community to ensure all residents have a quality community for the present and future of Davis!    






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